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One of the biggest complaints about multi-GPU setups is that support for them — both in games and with drivers — is pretty spotty. Many people running SLI or CrossFire would find that some games simply ignore the extra GPUs, leading to them not benefitting from the extra graphical firepower they paid for.

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Back to School This time, players will be competitng in two teams to either protect or assassinate a Raxxon VIP, while trying to determine if other players at the table are really who they claim to be, all while the clock is ticking. In Crossfire, players will use deduction, negotiation, and the limited information at their disposal to determine who the VIP is.

Both GPU makers have moved on from their multi-GPU technology

To complicate things further, Bystanders are also present near the VIP, making it even harder for Agents and Assassins to know who the real threats are. After 3 minutes, each player must make a call and aim their weapon. After all the shots are fired, if the VIP is still standing, the Agents win. If the VIP has been eliminated, the Assassins claim victory.


Be careful, though. Any player who shot a Bystander by accident automatically loses the game.

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Additionally, other roles might have their own unique victory conditions, meaning you can never be sure of who's really on your side. Crossfire will be available for purchase from retailers and our own web store this summer. Be sure to check back soon for more information! The clock is ticking, and Intel is limited.

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Complete your mission. The clock is ticking.

Managed API & EDI integration platform.

On your every side, agents and double-agents declare their loyalty. But you know that some agents seek the VIP's assassination. You must identify the threats in 3 minutes and point your gun at the highest priority target. Shoot first, ask questions later. Crossfire offers deduction, deception, and quick decisions in a potent 3-minute package in the Specter Ops world.

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